Helpful Tools for Web Development

Basically, web development is the process involved in developing a web page for the internet. The process usually includes coming up with a web design, creating a web content, setting up web servers, e-commerce development, and many more. For web experts, however, web development means the phases of building a website that is not related to the design, like coding and mark-up.

Various tools are used in web development. If you want to complete the projects faster and more efficiently, then you will need these tools. Of course, it is already given that the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor or text editor such as Dreamweaver is a big help. But, there are also other software that can help you in terms of the speed of development, the time needed in testing and debugging, along with the quality of the outcome. Here are some tools you might want to check out which has been said to help web developers in building websites efficiently.

Clean AJAX. Using this software will enable web developers to cut down the number of codes they have to write and rewrite. Aside from that, it also gives you access to the proven and most typical design patterns utilized in various Ajax programs. This particular software is mostly used in various server-side innovations like .NET, RoR, and PHP due to the fact that it is based on JavaScript.

CSSTidy. This is a source application that is open for everyone to use. It fixes, deconstructs, describes, and augments the CSS code in reducing the file size aside from standardizing the CSS code formatting by design. It can also find and deletes the unwanted properties or styles. The settings of CSSTidy could be adjusted according to your preferable level of compression, but even with just its default setting, it can already give you 30% as claimed by the creators.

The CSS Grid Builder. This is a resource online that helps web developers customize the YUI Grids CSS, a framework created by Yahoo! with more than 1,000 combinations of page layout design. This builder enables users to come up with a page layout that is CSS-based with web standards within minutes, or seconds. As soon as you see the page layout design you want, then just press Show Code button and the HTML code will be shown.

JSUnit. This is basically a JavaScript testing structure. It is a known fact that testing JavaScript by hand consumes a lot of time, and is highly susceptible to human errors.
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With this software, the web developer can simplify and automate the way of running unit tests. It even allows unit tests to be done in multiple browsers as well as other operating systems.

Web development is a process that will require not just a person, but a group of person, and not just a tool, but a variety of tools, in coming up with a brilliant web design. A one-man army will not suffice the elaborate and complex course of building a website.

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