Don’t Get Caught Without a Work-Emergency Kit!

What do you get when you combine a toothbrush, stain remover, and a nail clipper? The makings of your personal work-emergency kit! It’s best to be prepared for the worst (like playing peek-a-boo with your blouse that’s popped a button) and with a work-emergency kit, you can conquer whatever may interrupt your work day.

What should you include in your kit? One quick trip to the drugstore, or even to your own closet or medicine cabinet, can help you gather the supplies you need. Some supplies to consider include:

Toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss
Lip balm
Pain reliever, antacids, cough drops, and Band-Aids
Hand lotion
Emery board, nail clipper, clear nail polish, and nail polish remover
Hairbrush, hair clips
Lint remover
Mending kit/sewing kit
Stain remover
Static remover
Shoe shine wipes
Facial tissue
Double-stick tape, glue, safety pins
Granola bar
Some supplies you may already have at your desk, like cough drops or facial tissues. Consider double-stick tape or safety pins to fix a loose hem on your pants, and you can use clear nail polish to stop a run in your nylons. A sewing kit is good to have if you lose a button from your shirt or pants.
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Keep a healthy snack in your kit to avoid running to the vending machine.
A word of caution, though-while clear nail polish and nail polish remover may help a manicure stay fresh or stop a run in a pair of nylons, be aware that these products also produce a smell which may bother those around you. Just keep others in mind when using these products.

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