Appreciating The Value Of Famous Quotes

Quotes from thousands of years ago on love, wisdom and money still resonate with us today despite all the cultural and technological changes. The wisdom of these quotes is of eternal nature; they are applicable to all times, all ages and all kinds of people. The ability to express in a sentence or two a profound perception is greatly admired and can be a great source of inspiration, humor or reflection. A quote that is the essence of a sentiment that crystallizes a truth is often carried by someone in their wallet, placed on their desk at work or even put in the refrigerator door.

Quotes are unique for their spontaneity, originality, wit and wisdom and are supposedly the best source of inspiration for many people. All the knowledge a person has gained in his life is sometimes evident in these quotes. Sometimes these quotes can take the form of an expression whereas in other instances, they can be mere confessions made by the individual.

Though society seems to radically change in many ways and we never thought forty years ago that people would be carrying phones around and spending so much time texting or on the internet, there are timeless truths that haven’t changed and still are quoted. In fact, there are quotes about technology that were written years ago that seem true today.

Quotes can inspire us, create entertainment, provide education, improve our abilities to analyze and reflect, increase our compassion and help us to see the humor in life. For some people, a powerful quote can ignite a lifestyle change such as going to a drug rehab center or attending a spiritual retreat.

A line such as Mahatma Gandhi’s, “Be the change you wish to see in the world” can transform a person. It can turn someone away from lecturing others into living the truth themselves. For a fact, that has more of an effect on others than preaching to others.

Just like the value of good books, the value of famous quotes can never diminish. Time and again, these quotes will be read by people who make sense of them, who ruminate over them or just imbibe them as principles into their personality.
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Echoes of famous quotes will never cease to exist. Love them or hate them; you will always quote them. Enjoy the depth, controversy and enriching wisdom of them and share these nuggets with others.

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