White Pants For Men

Instead of wearing jeans in the summer, many men are opting for white pants instead. They are made of a lighter fabric material than jeans. They also can be more fashion forward in looks. You need to be careful with fabric that is too lightweight though, as one could be able to see your boxers through it. It is best to wear white boxers if you are going for a lighter feel. So, here are common man’s white pants and what to look for in them.

White work pants will have a double knee. These will be made of a thicker material, so you won’t have to worry about your underwear showing. They also will not be as cool as some of the other white pants available for the summer. Usually, they will be made of a mix of polyester, cotton and twill, which makes for one strong pant. The leg is wide, but these will not be a baggy pants, since they need to stay up for the worker. These pants will also with many usable pockets, like cargo pants, but not quite as many.

Drawstring white pants are a truly casual looking pants. The drawstring ties in the front, but the waist is usually elastic as well. These look marvelous on a fit man, as they have a nice flat front. The cotton material make these an ideal choice for a hot summer day. The two back pockets are there, but they are not as helpful as if there were good front pockets instead.

Casual white pants have almost a sweatpants feel. They are truly for casual occasions, like lounging around the house or doing yard work. They are comfortable, and allow adequate airflow.

Microfleece white pants are excellent for athletic men. They are made of a breathable material that will also keep you warm in an early morning jog. Like other jogging pants, they have an elastic waist to keep a good fit while you get fit.
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Snap or tear away white pants really should not be popular for men, but they are. On some versions of these, snaps go up the side of the leg all the way to the waste. This allows the man to just tear the pants off, not that that is very practical or a feature that we want on man’s pants. Still, these snap away pants persist in man’s style, and you can find many varieties in white.

A nifty twist on the snap away pants are the zip off pants. These pants convert easily form pants to shorts, which makes an awesome summer pant. A zipper goes around the leg at the knee so that the bottom half of the pants can simple be removed. These look great in white.

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