The best way to Restore Vertical Blinds

Top to bottom blinds are exactly what their title implies, a blind that is designed as a vertical product and for some reason functions in this manner. Vertical blinds need to perform as designed, in other words, they need to traverse from side to side, rotate open and close and look as pleasing as they did if they were new when the vanes, possibly fabric or pvc, were bright and clean and the components function properly in order to provide all the benefits these were designed to do. And one more matter of great importance – has the up and down blind remained properly installed? The vertical blind that is not properly installed will not operate at its complete capacity.

If your vertical blind will not meet all of the aforementioned factors, then it can be said your vertical shades is suffering from what is commonly known as “wear and tear”. This situation is a common part of the life of any product and can easily be corrected. Nevertheless , this situation can be postponed longer to the future if the issue of quality is taken into consideration when making the original buy. Quality vertical blinds may have concealed features that the average consumer may not realize and also higher quality vertical window blinds may be easier to maintain and fix. These facts will not only prolong living of the vertical blind but may continually give the user pleasure.

Top to bottom blinds can be fabricated using material vanes and in this case the customer should inquire about the wash capability of the fabric. Higher quality vertical sightless fabric vanes are washable and therefore can be kept looking clean over longer periods of time. Normally, vertical blind material vanes are not machine washable however the fabric can be spot cleaned manually using a mild detergent and then getting the area dabbed dry with a clean rag. The manufacturer of the fabric must always be consulted when the need occurs. Careful consideration should be given to the proper and recommended cleaning instructions before proceeding.

Due to the vertical design of the product by itself and the lack of horizontal surfaces exactly where dust can accumulate, most top to bottom blinds can be maintained looking “fresh” by simply dusting often. Static electrical power oftentimes contributes to the adherence of dust to the vertical blind vanes and in this case the use of a good antistatic cloth is recommended. This action will reduce or eliminate the majority of the static in the future and thus lowering the particular maintenance required.

Vertical blind vanes made of PVC have gained popularity over the years and if this is the case, PVC vanes can be easily removed from the particular vertical blind track and cleaned with detergent either in your bath tub or in the yard using a water hose.
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Be fully sure that your window blinds are fully dry before reinstalling onto the track to avoid unpleasant water spots. Be extra careful whenever removing and reinstalling the particular vanes that the track carriers are certainly not damaged as this may cause you to possess the track repaired and result in a necessary monetary expense.

Should one or more of the PVC slats be broken or even missing this is a sign that your vertical blind is suffering from “wear plus tear” and replacement of the complete shades should be considered. This is not only a sign of wear and tear but also could be a display of age of the blind.

The mechanical function of all the components of the vertical window blind is critical to the operation of the item and they should be tested and periodically maintained. This would simply require the particular pulling of the cord to make sure the blind is smoothly traversing and the chain to check on the rotation of the louvers. If the louvers never properly align when rotated you might simply need to pull the chain to a limit point and then exercise a better than normal pulling force to create the misaligned carrier(s) into synchronize with the rest of the carriers assuming that the carrier system in your vertical blind track is of the self-aligning variety found in higher quality vertical blinds. Bringing out a light coat of silicone in the vertical track will improve the movement of the carriers, ease the procedure of the product and improve the quietness of the traversing operation.

One more thing frequently overlooked is the proper installation of the particular cord pulley to the wall surface. When the cord pulley is properly installed and the correct amount of tension is put on the pull cord, the carrier system will function efficiently and much more smoothly.

Regardless of the product, there is no substitute for proper and frequently scheduled maintenance as this will conserve the smooth and safe operation of all products especially those products with which all of us interact on daily basis. This fact applies to vertical blinds no matter what is said during the sales/purchase process. In case your vertical blinds look old and worn, go forward and replace them with new ones bringing a brilliant and shiny look to that room and thus rewarding yourself with the satisfaction and enjoyment that every room in your home should bring to you every day!

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