Nearby Secondary Schools

Locating the best secondary school for your child is not easy. There are considerations to get today, like distance from home, quality of GCSE grades, after school activities, and there are considerations for 5 years down the line, like does it have a 6th form centre, exactly what job prospects are there and so on.

With all these considerations, finding the right local secondary schools for your children requires some serious thought, and probably several input from your children themselves. So where do you start?

Firstly, search the particular locality. Look around your home or their particular current primary school in a practical radius. You can now begin to make a candidate of the schools which you might consider them going to.

Next, check the OFSTED reports. This allows you to see how great the school is and what OFSTED rating it achieved at last inspection.

Following, check the transport links. You need to discover whether you can get your child safely from the school and if the school runs its school bus facility for your kid to get on. It is important to consider how much additional time and resource you will need every day, as there are far fewer supplementary schools than primary schools, so the local secondary schools will potentially be further away from your home.

Next, consider what you want your child to achieve at school.
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All schools offer a range of extra-curricular activities, some more important than others. You need to consider just how important sports activity or social activities are for your child’s development and whether the local secondary schools you are considering offer sufficient scope for your child to develop in this area. For some, this will not matter at all, for others, this is a huger factor in selecting a school.

Next, consider the quality from the catering and the school meals. This subject has attracted much promotion over the last 5 years and for good reason too. School meals need to be healthy as this will have a big impact on your kid’s development and their ability to both concentrate and learn. Ask the school for a sample menu if you are not sure what the facilities are like, they should be happy to offer you one.

Finally, when picking the best local secondary schools, look at the job prospects or the availability of a sixth form beyond the 5 approximately years at that school. This might not seem important now, however it is vital to think about where you want your youngster to be studying or working in years to come. If they have ambitions to go to university or even want to follow a certain career route then this is well worth thinking about these days.

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