Edible Flowers For Garnish

‘Edible flowers’, does it seem strange? Let me end the confusion. Flowers have been cooked as a main course and used occasionally as a garnish since the Roman times. In fact, we often overlook the fact that a lot of the items that we mistake for vegetables are actually edible flowers. Broccoli, asparagus, cauliflower and the artichoke are some of the common flowers that we consume.

Here are a few uncommon items that are derivatives of flowers. Saffron which is an expensive spice is actually the pollen that grows inside a crocus flower. Fennel pollen is used for adding a unique flavor to food. Most herbs have edible flowers. These flowers when used as a garnish impart a flavor similar to the herb only milder.
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Some of the favorites that are used by chefs around the world are sage, linden, rosemary, basil, borage and thyme.

Micro greens

Micro Greens are nature’s purest edible flowers.These flowers are tiny but look fully developed and are ideal for usage as garnish for pastries or delicate dessert delicacies. The art of culinary presentation has received a boost since the arrival of these Microgreens.

Today, they are like the icing on the cake and are used by chefs in large and fancy restaurants. Apart from the aesthetic touch that they impart to a dish, their mild but persistent flavor is also sought after. The best part is that there are no fixed rules about their usage. You can use them in teas, pizzas, pancakes, pies, pastries, cocktails and mocktails. Simple as they might seem, edible flowers are a wonderful addition to any exclusive dish.

Buyers’ tips

The fact that flowers are edible should not be mistaken to consume any flower that catches your eye in the garden. Some flowers can be toxic. So always ensure that you purchase your edible flowers or Microgreens from a dealer or retailer who produces the freshest and purest edible flowers.

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