10 Basics of a Great Retail Service

A retail business is made up of many elements, all of which need to be efficiently undertaken in order to achieve success. If you’re keen to make sure your retail business leaves customers feeling satisfied with the experience they get from your business, making sure these basics are implemented successfully could be a great start.

1. Products – In stocking products that are of an excellent quality and providing plenty of choice, there is a much greater chance of keeping customers satisfied. If your products are letting the business down, any other attempts at creating a good business will do little other than paper over the cracks.

2. Product search – Having great products is an essential starting point, but if customers then can’t find them, the hard work is lost. Retail stores need to be well laid out, so that customers can navigate their way round and find what it is they want. Likewise, this offline experience needs to transferred online through the retail website.

3. Good value – There’s nothing wrong with expensive products, so long as they represent good value for money. Customers want to know that they are getting a good deal, otherwise are likely to look elsewhere or feel cheated – neither of which are good for the long-term health of your business.

4. Friendly staff – At very touch point, customers need to be treated with respect by a friendly member of staff. They need to feel valued, whether they’re speaking to staff in a store, on the phone, by post or online.

5. Helpful staff – As well as being friendly, staff also need to be helpful and knowledgeable. If a customer has a question or enquiry, your employees need to be able to help them or find someone who can help them. A shrug of the shoulders won’t do, so it may be worth considering an investment in training programmes.

6. Simple purchasing process – Whether customers are looking to buy online, in store or by telephone, the process needs to smooth. If the e-commerce function on your website is error strewn or they have to wait too long in-store or by phone, customers will often lose patience and go elsewhere.

7. Kept promises – Whatever information you provide to customers needs to be 100% accurate. That could be in the form of product information, money back guarantees, delivery times or discounts. Misleading information will harm your relationship with the customer, resulting in them going elsewhere for their next purchase.

8. Safe delivery – Depending on what you’re selling, you may need to deliver products to a customer’s home. This could mean them using some of their valuable holiday allowance, so if you turn up with a damaged product you will be wasting their time and will need to arrange a return visit. By using good quality protective packaging, such as reusable transit covers, you can ensure your products arrive safely at the first time of asking.
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9. After sales care – Once the customer has their product, it’s important to provide a good level of after sales care to ensure they remain satisfied with their experience. If the customer has a problem with an element of their experience, you need to respond in a timely and effective manner to ensure the chances of repeat custom is increased.

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