Porcupine Web Application Server

It’s a web application server written in python language. It is open source software. One of the main purposes of Porcupine is that it is used for watermark of the digital images. Using this you can either include a visible watermark in the documents or can include any information with the help of a secret password. Here the information can be encrypted. The validation of the host and the true identity of the legal host are ensured by this server. If there is increased number of host signals then it filters them and chooses the legal owner and represents that. Porcupine surely safeguards the privacy of the legal owner and also inhibits illegal host claims. The server provides a safer way of distribution over the internet. The watermark can have a group of bits which has the information about the signal or the author.

The intellectual rights are protected by using Porcupine server. The legal host should always have the creators’ digital signature to establish the authenticity. Porcupine is the foundation stone required to build a modern Web 2.0 applications of higher quality. It mainly uses the scripting languages python and JavaScript. This uses a unique embedded object database which hosts many special Web applications. The concept of Single Page Application is used here. The applications are delivered and executed in a single page.
In case you have virtually any issues regarding where along with how to work with Web Server Software, you can email us from the website.
The reloading of the pages is prevented by using AJAX for updating the page. The applications of this server are data-centric. Porcupine comes along with a query language called Porcupine object query language. This enables the single queries which vary on the users’ identity. The server has an integrated rich JavaScript framework. If you are good in JavaScript and Python you can write application in this server. The interface designing can be done easily by using XML User-Interface Language.

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